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What was initially impossible for me to fathom, i.e. "Focusing," became clearer under Lee’s guidance. I believe she has a gift, an intuitive sense that enables her to be of real help to people. It was a pleasure and delight to work with her. Her generosity of spirit stays with me still.

- Carol R.

As a Focusing teacher, Lee Miller not only displayed her knowledge of focusing skills, she also inspired us with the power of her compassionate and insightful presence. Her responses to questions and personal struggles with the process were always clearly and gently communicated, and respectful of the diversity of experiences in the room. I eagerly look forward to another opportunity to experience her as a teacher and as a loving presence.

- Barbara F.

Lee Miller is a truly a gifted Focusing teacher and coach. Her clear, vast understanding of Focusing allows her to teach in an experiential way. She helps students take somewhat abstract concepts and transform them into clear concrete tools so that they are able to utilize Focusing in everyday situations. Her keen sensitivity, willingness to be vulnerable, and her great sense of humor enable her to create a safe environment. Her thoughtful presence facilitates the learning process.

- Karen Q.

Lee provided a very safe space for me to experience my felt sense. As a beginner, this was essential to my learning. She's an excellent teacher who is able to give clear direction, and I found her to be generous with her time and totally accepting of my process and of me. Thank you Lee for a wonderful workshop!

- Laura V.


​Lee Miller

Life and Leadership Coach


Lee's inspired coaching has guided me over persistent stumbling blocks into taking action with clarity, a sense of deep purpose, and fun. Her strong spiritual center held our work in a way that was profoundly helpful.

- Cathy , Newtown, CT

Lee has guided me to develop practical strategies to address the areas of my life where I want growth and change - and most importantly, the change is happening. Her integrity, openness and acceptance has allowed me to develop a trusting connection with her, which has been critical in enabling me to open up - not only to her, but most importantly to myself. With her intuitive and gentle encouragement I feel comfortable to explore parts of myself that I didn't even realize were unknown to me, or that I was afraid to see. This coaching relationship has helped me shift old patterns more quickly than I expected.

- Tanya B., Australia

Lee's gentle yet powerful coaching creates an environment where safety and possibility go hand in hand. She is not afraid to go deep for the client's sake, doing it with love and compassion. She is capable of matching a client's energy to the highest level. I feel heard, acknowledged and understood. I feel guided, supported and inspired to take the next step.

- Ilona S.