How coaching works?

We meet for one hour by Zoom, or in person, two times a month for six months or longer. Our first coaching session, in which we explore your core values, aspirations and concerns, lasts for an hour and a half or more.  You bring to each coaching session a specific issue or goal you want to explore.  I listen actively, reflect back for clarity, pose powerful questions, offer insights if wanted and relate to you from a place of unconditional positive regard.  Before the end of each session you will commit to action steps and decide how you want to hold yourself accountable.


$1,997 full pay for six months OR 

$397.00 monthly

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What Clients report:

Working with Lee genuinely changed my life. She truly listened when a technique wasn’t right for me and her persistent and thoughtful work helped me more than any therapy I have ever received. With her help, I learned to advocate for myself in all aspects of my life in ways I’d never even imagined. In regards to work, we took a stressful, unhealthy situation and turned it into a fulfilling position. The relationship with my boss became one based on mutual respect with improved communication and frankly, an income that far surpassed where I started. In regards to my personal relationships, I addressed old wounds and negative communication habits that I’d previously been scared to fully face. Most importantly, I found a stronger sense of self and learned to commit to taking better care of my soul and my internal well-being. I am endlessly grateful for our work together and would strongly recommend Lee as a coach. She is a gem, in every sense of the word.

-Lily S., New York City

Personal Development Coaching

At different times in our lives, many of us feel alone, trapped in our problems, too embarrassed to ask for help. We may have been told that depending on others for support shows weakness rather than strength. We may not trust others to respect our inner resourcefulness or our need for autonomy if we admit to feeling confused, frustrated, or aimless. These internal dilemmas can keep us circling in place, unable to find fresh solutions to our problems.

Personal coaching provides a safe space for you to share your innermost longings and concerns unencumbered by fear of judgment. An effective coach listens with an open heart and mind, and then applies her skill and experience to encourage in you the vital clarity, self-confidence and motivation needed to move forward into change. When you consider hiring a coach, you want to feel confident that she believes in you and is fully committed to your success. Any number of issues may lead you to consider seeing a coach: difficulties at work, relationship problems, life transitions, time management, health and balance, finding your life purpose, feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

When you hire a coach, you enter into a confidential partnership that focuses attention on the present and on your future goals and ambitions. Coaching opens up new possibilities by championing your dreams while also uncovering habitual thoughts or unwanted behaviors that interfere with personal growth.  We meet these with kindness, empathy and unconditional positive regard.  As you embody a fresh sense of your core values and inner resources, you feel naturally inclined to make life-enhancing decisions instead of ones based on limiting beliefs. You develop a more positive outlook. This enables you to find creative solutions and take actions that result in lasting change in all areas of your life.

Personal Coaching

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