​​Are you feeling stuck, stressed out or down on yourself? 

Maybe one of your relationships is strained but you're unclear about how to set it right.
Or  maybe you're not feeling respected or valued at work, and yet you fear having the crucial conversation that could clear the air or even gain you a promotion. 

We've all been there.  You're not alone.

 Here's how I can help:
​I bring my knowledge and skill as a personal development coach and Focusing trainer to co-create with you a customized approach and supportive alliance that will excelerate change. Every step of the way, as you move from awareness into action, we work as a team to ensure that you meet your goals and experience lasting success. 

Improved Energy

Greater Confidence

With support and commitment, you make strategic, meaningful plans and succeed in reaching your goals, one step at a time.

Work/Life Balance

Through a mindful, stress-reducing approach to life, you gain control over the demands of work and have time for loved ones and fun activities.

Greater Clarity and Insight

Attunement to your body/mind/emotions clears confusion, and brings a sense of purpose and peace.

Improved Relationships

Communication based on empathic listening, identifying feelings and needs, and making doable requests of others generates trust and mutual understanding.

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​Lee Miller

Life and Leadership Coach

Lee Miller

Certified Professional Coach, Focusing Teacher and Guide